Sydney Solar Power: The Best Options for Your Home
Sydney Solar Power The Best Options for Your Home

Sydney Solar Power: The Best Options for Your Home

In the city of Sydney, making the most out of solar power is becoming easier and more cost-effective than ever before. 

Faced with the oncoming problems of a population spike, and increasingly extreme weather events, the city of Sydney has committed itself to a renewable future. However, breaking free from its dependence on fossil fuels is set to be a long term, multi-step process.  

Sydney’s Solar Targets

  • 2021, every city-owned rooftop should be fitted with solar panels
  • 2030, 50% of all electricity used in the city should be renewable 
  • 2050, the city’s carbon emissions should be at net-zero
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Sydney’s Best Overall Solar Power System Package

Solar Power Systems

You can join the sustainable revolution in Sydney by fitting your home or apartment with a solar power system. A modern system is made up of three major components, the panels, the inverter, and the battery. You can either buy these individually or as many first time buyers do, you can buy them as part of a complete system. Check out our overview of the three major components below.

Solar power in Sydney


An inverter transforms the D.C power absorbed by your solar panels into usable A.C power for your home. It also monitors the performance of your solar panel system. 

Inverters are the hardest working part of your system, as a result, they are often the first to break down. Therefore, if you are going to spend big on any part of a system it should be the inverter. A premium-end inverter will help your system stay healthy for longer.

Some modern inverters also double up as storage batteries. These are known as hybrid inverters.

What to Look out for When Choosing Inverters

CompatibilityOperating TemperatureWarranty
Does the inverter only work with specific panels and batteries, or can it be customized?The temperature range that the inverter is capable of operating.The length of time for which the manufacturer guarantees their product.

Top Sydney Inverters 

#1 Empower ElektroBank

Solar power in Sydney

We start out with this hybrid inverter for one simple reason, it represents the future of solar power. The Elektrobank is a newcomer to the inverter market, but its state of the art design means it will be here to stay. What you get with this inverter is a multipurpose system that also functions as a storage battery, water-heater controller, and all-in-one grid-integrated device.

The Future of Solar Power

The fact that this is a hybrid inverter means you will save on space, this makes it a good option for people living in a crowded part of Sydney. What’s especially great about the ElektroBank is that its extra features actually save you money on your electricity bills. Its intelligent storage and discharge features mean you are always making the most out of the electricity you generate. Simply put, an excellent hybrid inverter.

Want to know more? Check out the ElektoBank Data Sheet

#2. ABB

An electronics powerhouse with a history in solar power that dates back to the 1990s. ABB’s inverters come equipped with the full array of standard features, as well as a 10-year product warranty.

The 5kW ABB Trio is suitable for most residential properties and they also have more compact models for anyone living in smaller spaces. 

Want to know more? Check out the Trio Data Sheet & Uno Data Sheet

#3. Fronius

Fronius has a proven track record of reliability and an outstanding reputation within the solar industry. Their product line is known as one of the best on the market. 

Fronius’ inverters come with a standard 5-year warranty which can be quickly doubled to a ten-year warranty simply by purchasing your products online. To sum up, they are certainly deserving of their place on the list but excellence comes at a price, and at $2500 their 5kW option is the most expensive of its kind.

Want to know more? Check out the Fronius Datasheet


Solar storage batteries are the newest component of a solar power system. As they become increasingly cost-effective, more and more systems include them.

When your solar power system generates more electricity than your household uses, this creates a surplus of energy. A solar storage battery can store and reuse all the excess energy that your solar panels have absorbed.

What to Look out for When Choosing Batteries

Depth of Discharge (%) Power Output (Kw)Warranty

The percentage of a battery’s energy that can be discharged in one cycle.

The amount of electricity that a battery can deliver at one time [measured in kilowatts (kW)]. The length of time for which the manufacturer guarantees their product.

Top Sydney Batteries 

#1. Empower Elektrobank

Solar power in Sydney

Not only is the ElektroBank out top choice inverter, but it is also our top choice in a storage battery. This cool new grid-integrated device has lends itself particularly well to city living.

The all-in-one design delivers allows Empower to boast of having the lowest cost per warranted kWh solar storage system in Sydney. This is partly due to the battery’s ability to automatically adjusts between charging and discharging to minimize peak period consumption.

Price$12,980 incl. GST and installation in NSW
Price per warrantied kWhLowest cost: Includes inverter and installation cost
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Power Output3kW continuous
Warranty10 Years
Size60cm x 100cm x 21cm
Weight 95 KG

#2. Redflow ZCell

Redflow has developed an alternative to the industry-standard lithium-ion battery. Their Zinc bromide Flow battery is said to be chemically safer than its counterpart. 

Originally designed for use on the commercial market, their batteries are still a little bulky in size and weight. 

Price per warrantied kWh0.35c
Battery TypeZinc Bromide
Power Output3kW continuous
Warranty10 Years
Size115cm x 100cm x 50cm
Weight 290 KG

#3. Trinabess Powercube 2.0

The Powercube is a battery that offers good lifetime value and with its size should not pose any problems with installation. It matches up power-wise with most of the options on the market and would be a good choice for most homes.

Price per warrantied kWh0.31c
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Power Output3kW continuous
Warranty10 Years
Size60cm x 100cm x 21cm
Weight 95 KG


It is the panels that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. When most people think of a solar power system they think of the photovoltaic panels that can be seen on rooftops around the city. These blue silicon rectangles are designed to transform solar radiation into an electrical current. Sydney is really attempting to become a pioneer in solar energy creation, as a result, more and more panels are going up by the day. 

What to Look out for When Choosing Solar Panels

The percentage of sunlight that is actually converted to electricity.The maximum amount of power each panel can generateThe length of time for which the manufacturer guarantees their product.

Top Sydney Panels 

#1 Jinko Solar

Australia’s Favourite Solar Panel
Solar power in Sydney

With a dedicated warehouse right here in Sydney, Jinko has a local base that forms part of their worldwide solar operation. They are currently the largest solar panel manufacturer in the world and have a wide array of options for all types of system. Their extensive product range is separated into three models: The Cheetah, the Eagle, and the award-winning Swan Bifacial. Each one of these models offers a different option in size, cell capacity, and power. 

The durability and efficiency of Jinko’s panels make them some of the best solar panels on the market. They can also be bought in combination with battery and inverter packages from other companies such as Empower. These combination packages are a great way to create your own solar power system.

Efficiency (%)Power (W)Warranty (Years)
15.5 – 24%225-36010

#2. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Diamond Kit

Better known as a vehicle manufacturer, Japanese electronic giants Mitsubishi have been developing solar panels since 1975. Their photovoltaic products are well designed and known to be reliable. The MLE series diamond model panels can either be bought individually or as part of a kit. 

Efficiency (%)Power (W)Warranty (Years)

#3. LG Solar

A subsidiary of the LG Corporation, LG Solar has been developing solar cell technology for over 30 years. For the last decade, they have been manufacturing solar modules (panels). These panels are highly rated by customers and installers because of their great quality and impressive looks. However, LG’s reputation means its products come with high prices. 

Efficiency (%)Power (W)Warranty (Years)

Sydney’s Best Overall Solar Power System Package

We have looked at the three major components that make up a solar power system. With everything taken into consideration, we believe this is the best option for any Sydney resident who is looking to install a new system in their home. 

#1. JinKoSolar + Empower

This was an easy choice to make, the fact that the best hybrid inverter/battery on the market has teamed up with the best panel manufacturer on the market, made our choice very straight forward.

This reliable and cost-effective option excels for two main reasons: great design and competitive pricing. Every component is designed to make the most out of all that solar energy hitting your rooftop. With the national and state government subsidies also making it more profitable than ever to invest, this really is the time to go solar in Sydney.

Jinko Solar panels are currently the most efficient panels in the world, and the ElektroBank is leading the way in Australian storage battery savings. To have this all installed at a cost of under $10,000 is a great investment for your home. 

With the national and state government subsidies making it more profitable than ever to invest, this really is the time to go solar in Sydney.

The breakdown above is designed to point you in the right direction. There are hundreds of manufacturers producing solar power technology and the tech itself is getting smaller, more efficient, and less expensive. 

At Energy Solar Pro, we discuss all aspects of the solar power industry. You can inform yourself here by reading our blog articles or leaving your opinions below. 

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