7 Key Advantages of Using Solar Energy
Solar Energy

7 Key Advantages of Using Solar Energy

Why Installing a Solar Energy System is a Great Idea for Your Home

When it comes to generating electricity, the 21st century has seen a global movement toward renewable energy sources. Along with wind energy, solar energy is becoming an increasingly viable form of power generation.

With that in mind, here are 7 ways that adopting solar power can be beneficial to your life:

1: It Lowers Your Electricity Bills

You will be generating your own electricity from now on….with a little help from the sun

Once your solar power system is in place, it can start drinking in all that amazing free energy. From then on, you will no longer rely on the national energy grid to provide all your electricity. The good news is that this will lower your electricity bills. The better news is that this will continue as long as there is a sun in the sky. 

2. It Protects the Environment

Say goodbye to fossil fuel dependence

Utilizing solar power is one way of the best methods we have for reducing our harmful dependence on fossil fuels. When fossil fuels such as oil, gas, and coal are used to generate electricity, they produce noxious emissions that lower the quality of the air, water, and soil. Adopting clean energy such as solar and wind will help to minimize this problem.

3. It Increases Your Energy Independence

Solar Power to the People

Solar Energy

Being able to generate your own electricity is a revolutionary step forward for most homeowners. Solar radiation from the sun creates far more energy than we could ever use as electricity. Many solar power systems now include storage batteries. As a result, you can become increasingly energy independent by storing up that excess energy. The more energy you store, the less reliant you are on the national energy grid for your power.

4. It Qualifies Your Household for Government Rebates

The Government is meeting you halfway

Any household in Australia that has a solar power system installed is entitled to at least two government rebates. First of all, you are paid for any of the excess energy your system feeds back into the energy grid (feed-In Tariffs). Secondly, you are given credits upfront based on the amount of electricity your system is expected to generate over the next decade (STC’s). Certain states also have other policies in play to promote the adoption of solar power. 

5. It Pays For Itself

Solar Power Systems are impressively low maintenance and quickly become self-sufficient.

The cost of solar power is getting cheaper as the solar industry continues to evolve. With zero moving parts, the systems themselves require little to no maintenance. The inverter is usually the first part to go because it is continuously converting solar energy into electricity and heat, but even this takes around 10 years. What does this mean? It means your solar system can quickly pay for itself after your initial outlay is covered you are into pure profit territory. The view looks nice from there.

6. It Enhances the Value of Your Home

Want to add 20g’s to the value of your house? Go Solar.

Solar Energy

Recent research suggests that having a house with solar panels can add up to $20,000 to its value. This is a pretty impressive figure when you consider that it costs less than that to install one in the first place. Not only are you getting your money back but you also have the benefit of reducing your electricity bills the whole time you are using it. Win-Win.

7. It is Renewable

Perhaps the Sun worshipers were on to something? 

Solar Energy

As opposed to non-renewable energy sources such. fossil fuels and nuclear, we can not run out of solar energy (not for another 6.5 billion years anyway). The potential of solar energy is epic in scope: 120,000 terawatts of solar radiation beam down on us each year, more than 20.000 times the amount of energy we are using. In other words, switching to solar makes great sense whichever way you look at it. 

In one way or another, we are all powered by solar energy, it grows the food we eat and without it, there would be no life on earth. It makes sense that we are finally trying to harness it for our electricity needs. In the long term, it can be crucial for our development as a race. In the short term, it can be beneficial for the smooth and efficient running of your household.

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