Australia’s Top 5 Best Panels For Your Roof And Your Wallet

Australia’s Top 5 Best Panels For Your Roof And Your Wallet

The best solar panels for your roof AND your budget.

As the solar industry keeps growing so do the questions about which are the best solar panels out there.

Going solar in Australia is becoming more affordable. Government financial incentives such as rebates and Feed-in tariffs are making it more cost-effective.

As a result, over 2 million households are already using solar energy, and Australia is currently raking among the world’s top 10 solar countries and second on a watts per capita basis.

Energy Solar Pro prepared you this list to help you find the best panels for your household without leaving you broke until payback time.

#1. JinKoSolar + Empower

A Reliable and Cost-Effective Choice

JinkoSolar panels are the first of our list because their combination of good reliability and competitive pricing make them the most cost-effective choice in the industry. 

The company was established in 2006, went public in 2010 and is currently the world’s largest solar panel manufacturer with 6 production facilities and 15 overseas subsidiaries.

One of the subsidiaries is in Australia, with dedicated warehouse facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth which guarantees better supply and quality in the region.

World Record for Cell Efficiency

JinkoSolar currently holds the efficiency record for their cheetah size cells and N-type cells reaching 24.38% and 24.58% respectively

High Light Absorption for Cloudy Days

Best Solar Panels
JinkoSolar Eagle Dual panel absorbs more light than standard panels on cloudy days, dawn and dusk.

They have a wide range of panels, offering both polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic modules.

Their Eagle Black module has high light absorption which means that even if your roof is not in an optimal direction or even during cloudy days, they will absorb more light than standard panels. And their Eagle Dual offers a 30-year linear power warranty, the highest we have seen in the industry.

Empower Solar Storage Deal

Sweet Deal

The total price to pay in your solar system will depend on the rest of the equipment used in the installation.

If you want to get the most out of your solar power system, we recommend getting the NSW Solar-Storage Deal by Empower. It includes 7kW JinkoSolar mono-crystalline panels plus a hybrid all-in-one inverter and battery system that will help you save on installation and integration cost.

Besides, you’ll save every drop of the sun: the battery will also allow you to store every kW and increase your FIT amount by sending the unused energy back to the grid.

#2. LGSolar

Long History with Solar Cells

LG Solar is a subsidiary of the LG Corporation. They started researching about silicon crystalline cells over 30 years ago and manufacturing PV modules about 10 years ago.

They started large scale manufacturing in 2009 at their facility in Gumi, South Korea and are now onto their fifth generation of solar panels

Good Looking and Trusted Panels

Best solar panels
Taken from

These panels are highly rated by customers and installers because of their great quality and impressive looks. LG uses IBC cell technology which increases performance and has a lower degradation rate.

Another reliable thing about LG is that they offer a 25-year warranty including coverage for labor and transport.

Sturdy for Windy Areas

Both their Neon 2 and Neon R are extremely strong and stiff, which makes them appropriate to resist high wind loads. If the temperature in your area is too extreme, investing in a sturdy solution with a long history of trusted warranty claims, might seem like a wise option.

LG’s high reputation also comes with high prices. In Australia, these good looking panels are more expensive than the competition. However, we recommend consulting the company for an assessment considering all the financial incentives available.

#3. SunPower

Solar Pioneers

Officially became SunPower in 1988 but their solar innovation actually started in the ’70s to deal with the oil crisis. They soon developed very advanced technology and have won many awards since then.

SunPower has its headquarters in the United States and has manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Mexico.

Rebuilding Solar Technology 

Introducing SunPower Performance

SunPower panels are regarded by many as the best in the solar industry. They began mass production using IBC Cells in 2007. This technology is considered the most efficient one in the industry today.

SunPower Performance solar panels technology slices apart ordinary solar cells to rebuild them for greater strength and durability. Their ultra-efficient E and X series are considered among the best residential panels in the market, with very high efficiency and the lowest degradation rate. 

High Technology, High Cost

SunPower highly ranked panels also come at an elevated price. They are mainly popular in the US and other parts of the world. Not having a manufacturing facility in Australia, makes it difficult to ensure supply and more expensive for distribution.  

4. Winaico

Delivered Directly for More Control

Before becoming Winaico in 2007, they were part of Win Win Precision Technology Co. since 2003. This family-run company is now Taiwan’s largest solar module manufacturer and has a very good reputation in terms of quality and reliability. 

One of the particularities of Winaico is that they do not sell through wholesalers but rather deliver directly to installers and solar technicians. This allows them to have more control over the handling of their products and to build a strong relationship with end-users and installers.

Typhoon Resistant

Taken from WINAICO launches typhoon-resistant solar modules and achieves 310 W in 60 cell PERC modules at PV Taiwan

They recently released a new series of monocrystalline panels in 2019 using PERC (passive emitter rear cells) technology. They are also known for their HeatCap technology, which reduces the risk of cells getting cracked during installation or cleaning by around 20%. 

WInaico manufactures their panels in a windy city that is often hit by typhoons, which might be the reason why they developed a typhoon resistant panel. Their panels are strong, can resist extreme weather conditions, and come with a 15-year product warranty.  

If you live in an area where typhoons are common Winaico panels are a very good option to consider. They are resistant and reliable and come at a more affordable price than LG or SunPower panels.

#5. REC

Solid European Foundations

REC was founded in Norway in 1996. They started producing wafers, solar cells and solar panels in Scandinavia.

In 2010 they opened a manufacturing plant in Singapore, growing later into the largest European owned supplier of solar modules. These panels are considered by many the best solar panels in Europe.

Twin Design to Keep Performing Under Partial Shadows

REC Twin Peak Technologies explained

REC pioneered the half-cut-cells design which divides the panel in two avoiding any performance reduction that might be caused by shade. If one part of the panel is not receiving any sunlight, it will only affect the performance of that half of the panel. Meanwhile, the other half will keep absorbing as normal.

They also use PERC (passive emitter rear cells) technology that acts as a mirror to give the panel a second chance to absorb light.

Increasing Reputation

The efficiency and power of REC panels are starting to be compared to the highly regarded SunPower and LG. They offer impressive technology that has moved their panels to the premium class in the industry.

If your roof has a shady section for a few hours, this might be a great solution.

So… which is the best solar panel for my roof?

Don’t stress too much and try to think practical.

Filter your needs: Consider your roof and your region’s climate. How sturdy or specific do you need your panel to be? Do you want only reputable panels or do you want to get the biggest bang for your buck?

Remember to ask about all the financial help available for each possibility and the best panel will start shining in front of your eyes. 

Our golden tip is to look for an entire solar power system installation that includes inverter and battery instead of buying every piece separately.

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