Australia’s 7 Best Solar Inverters 2020
Solar Inverter

Australia’s 7 Best Solar Inverters 2020

An inverter transforms the D.C power absorbed by your solar panels into usable A.C power for your home. It also monitors the performance of your solar panel system.

A good way of understanding the solar inverter industry is by comparing it with the automobile industry. Just as car manufacturers like Ford or BMW release different models of car, so to an inverter manufacturer releases different models of inverters. Like Ford has its Focus, Ranger, and Transit van so to an inverter manufacturer will have its 3kW, 5kW, and 7kW models. The only difference is that you cant drive your inverter down the road…not yet anyway.

It is certainly true that different inverters are suited for different purposes, however, all things being equal, these are the best 7 inverters available to the Australian customer in 2020.

1. Empower ElektroBank

This ultra-modern hybrid inverter is the future of solar power. While it may be a relative newcomer to the inverter market, there is no questioning its state of the art design. The Elektrobank is a multipurpose inverter system that also functions as a storage battery. In other words, two for the price of one. 

Twice the Value of a Regular Inverter

Hybrid systems are rapidly gaining traction in the solar energy market, and with the benefits, they offer it’s easy to see why.

The ElektroBank is a lithium iron phosphate battery, solar PV inverter, water-heater controller and all-in-one grid-integrated device. More importantly, these additional features work to maximize the customers’ value. In other words, the technology isn’t just fancy sounding gadgetry, it actually saves you money on your electricity bills.

Lowest Solar Battery Cost in Australia

The ElektroBank automatically adjusts between charging and discharging to minimize solar exports during peak period consumption. As a result, you use your energy in the most efficient way, and therefore save the most money possible from your system.

On top of the savings you make, you are also covered with a ten-year warranty. This means that you don’t just get an excellent hybrid inverter, but also the lowest solar battery cost on the Australian market.

Features Made to Last

  • The Best Solar Battery Price in Australia
  • 10 Year-Warranty
  • Australian Made
  • 40,800 kWh Lifetime
Lithium-ion Technology7kW Power Point Tracking5kW Inverter Capacity
Electric Water HeatingPower Outage BackupVirtual PowerPoint (VPP)

2. Fronius

Fronius has a proven track record of reliability and an outstanding reputation within the industry.

As a manufacturer, they also come with an extensive product line of top quality products. 

They are currently putting an end to their LCD interface which is being phased out in favour of 2 new hybrid options. This is because the 10 kW Fronius Primo Hybrid, and a second-generation 5kw Fronius Symo Hybrid are both scheduled for release in 2019.

Solar Inverters

Their products look slick and are extremely reliable. The snap-in design allows for a discreet installation, and the new DC isolator means they are much more compact than previous editions. Wifi monitoring of your system comes as standard and it also includes extra features such as the Ohmpiolt which automatically uses surplus electricity to heat your water.

Fronius’ inverters come with a standard 5-year warranty which can be quickly doubled to a ten-year warranty simply by purchasing your products online. To sum up, they are certainly deserving of their place on the list but excellence comes at a price, and at $2500 their 5kW option is the most expensive of its kind. 


Fronius Galvo 3 kW $2300
Fronius Primo 5 kW $2500
Fronius Primo 7.6 kW  $3200

3. Solar Edge

This innovative manufacturer is known in the industry for pushing the boundaries with its intricate products. 

Solar Inverters
SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

Their latest development involves a three-way integration of inverter, solar panel, and optimizer. Their optimiser technology also allows for greater asset management and refined module-level monitoring. 

The software is relatively user-friendly, and with the new “safeDC” max power feature it is safer than ever which is reassuring. Solar Edge inverters also come fitted with smart technology for better fault detection.    

Above all, At $1,700 for a 5kW inverter, they have stayed well within the industry standard pricing. Likewise, their 12-year warranty is an industry best.


Solaredge HD-WAVE 3kW $1,300
Solaredge HD-WAVE 5kW $1,700

4. SMA

SUNNY BOY 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.0 / 5.0 / 6.0

German manufacturers SMA Solar Technologies were widely considered as the best inverter manufacturers on the market as little as three years ago. While Fronius has surpassed them in recent years, they are still a premium manufacturer.

In general, the solar power industry is moving towards products that offer greater reliability, better asset management and above all increased efficiency. To their credit, SMA has been smart enough to align themselves with those trends.

Consequentially, the new range of SMA single & three-phase inverters is definitely an improvement on older models. For example, it is now easier to control the system remotely due to advanced diagnostic features and new mobile applications

While a 10-year warranty certainly offers good protection, due to their $1, 950 cost for a 5kW they placed themselves in the higher price bracket.

Options for Sunny Boy:

3 kW $1, 800
5 kW $1, 950
7kW $2, 450

5. Huawei

Chinese electronic giants, Huawei provide a great range in solar inverters. Furthermore, the steady technical improvements they have made over the last decade has seen their inverters become a well-respected and increasingly popular choice.

Solar inverters

The latest option in development is a new hybrid 3-phase inverter which will be released in 2019.  All Huawei inverters are protected with a ten-year warranty and also come with built-in optimisers for efficiency. 

Their SUN 2000 range is known for its versatility and compatibility with multiple power systems. As a result, this makes it ideal for anyone looking to replace a damaged or underperforming inverter. Their string inverter also comes with 18 strings for intelligent monitoring and fast troubleshooting.

The SUN 2000 model was awarded the best design in its class at the 2017 IF design awards. More importantly, at $1,700 for a 4.6kW inverter, they also come at a very competitive price.


SUN2000L 3 kW $1,250
SUN2000L 4.6 kW $1,700

6. Delta

Delta is like the Volvo of the solar inverter industry because they are big and safe with a long and respected history.

The inverter manufacturer, Delta Energy Systems is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group which designs and manufactures a wide variety of industrial, medical, and consumer electronics.

Solar Inverters

In terms of their inverters, the current Delta Solivia series is a solid and versatile offering that is available in both 3, 5, and 7kW capacities. In addition, the company also offers another separate inverter which can be paired with its Bx 6.0 battery. 

Delta inverters are known for their high heat tolerance and can reach as high as 65 degrees Celsius before derating. As a result, they are great for use in the hotter parts of Australia. In addition, the lightweight fanless design makes for easy installation and low operating noise.

Software-wise, Delta inverters come with free cloud data and mobile APP monitoring service

A 10-year warranty is offered on Delta Solivia Series solar inverters, with an optional 10-year addition available for purchase. At $2000 for a 5kW inverter, they are certainly at the higher end of the price table.


3kW $1,275
5kW $2000
7 kW $3000

7. ABB

An electronics powerhouse with a history in solar power that dates back to the 1990s. Amongst ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of products is a new generation of inverters, the UNO and TRIO.

Solar Inverters

Offering options for 3-phase and single-phase power, the UNO and TRIO both come equipped with the full array of standard features, they also come with a 10-year product warranty.

ABB’s monitoring software has a clean interface and advanced monitoring properties which represents an improvement on older models. In the past, ABB’s inverters were known for having performance problems. This issue was often intensified due to their substandard customer service reputation. 

They acquired Aurora ‘Power-one’ back in 2013. As a result, they hold responsibility for any warranty claims from those older Aurora inverters.

While they are not the best inverters on the market, at $1,800 per 5kW inverter they do offer a solid product for a decent price.


ABB UNO 1.2 kW $1,150
ABB UNO 3.3 kW $ 1, 320
ABB TRIO 5kW $ 1, 800

In conclusion, there are many variables you have to consider when selecting a solar inverter for your system. Although we have factored in as many of those variables as we can, there are also situations we cannot foresee. However, following this guide will help you select the best inverter for your system.

At energy solar pro we keep up to date with all the latest events in the solar power industry. For more information please leave your comments below.

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